Richard F.

Jaime defines sincerity. Though it tried, this ugly world couldn't diminish her spirit and drive. She's so willing to share her faith, passion and wisdom (with no ulterior motives) which should give you insight to her giving and caring nature. Lending an ear to listen or a shoulder for support is not to be taken lightly. The precious time she shares plus her genuine concern is the gift of an angel. She is the epitome of "lead by example". I am extremely honored to call her my friend. Kudos to this necessary venture.


Kristin H.

I have known Jaime for 20 years and she has been an extremely caring and selfless person with a heart of gold. I have seen her take the time to help anyone in need whether it was listening, giving advice or even opening her home. I know when there isn't anyone else I can share my deepest fears and problems with, I can always count on her to be there for me, without passing judgment or having to worry about her views of me changing. She has always had a vision to help young women in anyway possible and I know she would be a valuable contributor.

Zelah G.

Jaime, the founder of F.R.E.E. Our Daughters, has always been a good friend to me. She is very welcoming and I can talk to her about anything. She is very understanding and gives her honest advice, even if it's something you don't want to hear. With that said, I recently went through a problem with an individual and even though I never said anything to anybody when she saw me and greeted me, she knew something wasn't right. She took the time to listen to me, give her advice and was there to wipe my tears. She is very warm hearted, God fearing and just a beautiful person inside and out. I love her very much. She is a family-oriented person and strives for the best for her kids. I hope this letter helps for you to understand her as a person.

Melissa D.

During the period of my divorce, Jaime was there to encourage and lift me up!  She helped me to remain sane in moments I wanted to go crazy!!  She's not only a beautiful woman on the outside, but she's a very special, unique woman of GOD!  She has endured many ups and downs in her life, more than some women will ever have to encounter but through it all she still keeps her head held high and a smile on her face.  Her words are not simply words, her words help you to think about your actions and most importantly to trust in God.